Voting in the CR Reporting Awards

Voting is open to all signed-up users of Corporate Register, which is the largest global online directory of CR reports.
Signing up to use the site is free - see Corporate Register

The voting platform will be available online on in Summer 2022. Please ensure you are a signed-up user

You will receive an email alert, and immediate access to the voting platform, as soon as it’s available

Each user can vote for up to five reports per category, in order of preference. We have measures in place to ensure the integrity of the voting process more...

We track votes and users and can immediately ascertain if, for example, a user registers several times in order to ‘vote’ several times, which would undermine the process. Such votes are invalid and will not be counted. At the same time if we become aware of multiple invalid votes originating from an identifiable organisation, we reserve the right to ‘name and shame’.

Users will be reminded that they may not vote for reports from their own company, and again, such votes will be invalid and will not be counted.

More information available on the voting platform