About The CR Reporting Awards

What are the CR Reporting Awards?

The CR Reporting Awards (CRRA) are the only annual, global online CR reporting awards. Launched in 2007 to identify and acknowledge the best in corporate non-financial reporting. The CR Reporting Awards are managed by Corporate Register – the CR resources website and provider of the world’s largest online directory of CR & Sustainability Reports.

Which CR reports are represented?

Taking September 1st 2018 - November 1st 2019 as the reporting period, we invite all organisations with relevant CR/Sustainability reports published during this time to participate.

The reports are entered across nine award categories*, with some reports entered into multiple categories.

More about the category criteria and guidelines for assessing reports can be found here

*We're considering three additional categories but only if we have sufficient entries.

What’s the voting procedure?

Voting is open to all signed-up users of Corporate Register, of which there are currently 60,000 at September 2019 (sign-up is free of charge). Each user is limited to a single set of votes. We have a series of measures in place to ensure the integrity of our voting procedures (including IP checks) - any votes which appear not to be genuine will be discounted.

Voters who are employees of reporting companies entered for the CRRA may not vote for their own companies. We cannot allow the overall results to be manipulated by large numbers of company employees all 'voting' for their own reports. We will discount any such votes - they will not count towards the final CRRA results.

There are nine individual Awards. Voters can view the entries for each Award, and select up to five choices (first choice, second choice etc). Voters can review their choices, change their minds, and review further reports as many times as they wish. The final vote is taken automatically on the closing date.

Voters have up to five choices for each Award, but they don’t need to use all of them. However, each choice counts towards the final winner, of which there will be one for each Award, with two runners-up.

Voters' current voting options are linked to each Corporate Register user account allowing them to exit the site, and then sign back in again at any point to pick up where they left off.

Announcing the Winners

The award winners will be announced online here in Spring 2020

Contacting Corporate Register

If you have any questions or require further information about the CR Reporting Awards or Corporate Register, please email us at info@corporateregister.com.


Q) What are the CRRA?

A) They’re the world’s only annual, global online CR reporting awards. The programme was developed in 2007 to identify and acknowledge the best in corporate non-financial reporting.

Q) Who are we?

A) Corporate Register Limited developed and hosts the CRRA. Corporate Register is the global CR resources website, which incorporates the world’s most comprehensive online database of corporate non-financial reports, profiling over 107,000 reports across 150 countries. Access to Corporate Register is free of charge.

Q) How were the CRRA entries chosen?

A) Companies with reports avaliable in English and published between September 1st 2018 and November 1st 2019 were invited to enter.

Q) What are the Awards categories?

A) We have nine established reporting categories outlined here. We're considering three additional categories but only if we have sufficient entries, so please contact us first if you're considering one or more of them.

Q) How many winners for each Award?

A) There will be one winner for each of the nine Awards, together with two runners-up.

Q) What’s the voting period and how does voting take place?

A) Voting takes place online between December 2019 and February 2020. Voters’ choices are saved online for them to revisit, amend and refine right up until the deadline. Voters can choose up to five reports per Award.

Q) Who’s entitled to vote?

A) All 60,000 registered users of Corporate Register are entitled to vote. It’s free to become a registered user, and takes less than two minutes: sign up here

Q) How do you ensure voters don’t vote more than once, and that all voters are genuine?

A) Corporate Register has taken extensive measures to ensure the integrity of the voting process. This includes checking new registrations against a number of tests, and tagging registered users with their IP addresses. Additionally, any suspicious voter patterns will be investigated and these votes may not be included in the final count.

Q) What about last year’s awards?

A) The CRRA 2007 were the very first global, independent and online awards for CR reporting. This is now the eleventh annual CRRA. You can see last year’s winners here. We also produced a report detailing voting patterns, the winners and general reporting trends – access this PDF from the ‘free publications’ section under shop from the menu at the top of the page when logged in.